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“Save the Bees”



  • Hand painted silk shawl
  • Ready to ship
  • Materials: silk chiffon, silk dyes
  • Ships worldwide from United States



This silk hand painted shawl is classy and playful at the same time. Pink peonies are waltzing with fuzzy, big-eyed bees. One side of the shawl is the color of deep charcoal grey and the other side is a light pastel color. Light and dark, day and night…reminders of the contrast in nature, love, and life. Together, these elements create our full experience.

The shawl is hand painted and one of a kind.
Colors set by professional steaming process, so the silk dye bonds with the silk at the molecular level. Colors are permanent and sun tolerant. They don’t fade, even after repeated washings.
Silk dye leaves no texture on silk.

Made out of 100% silk chiffon, with hand-rolled hems.
Silk chiffon is an elegant, sheer fiber with a soft, beautiful drape and a crepe-like texture.

Hand wash in cold water using mild soap. Could be dry cleaned.

Size is approximately 22″/90″