• Original silk painting
  • Materials: silk dye, silk, resist, metallic paint
  • Time frame: 4-5 weeks
  • Ships worldwide from United States



This silk painting was created as a custom order for a person who made a big change in her life. I hope that through the motif of the butterfly emerging from a cocoon, I was able to capture the transformative nature of her journey and fill the piece with positivity and brightness for her future. I also wish for it to serve as a reminder that although many forms of change in our lives can be daunting, the result of change is most often quite freeing and hopeful.


The colors are very strong and do not fade like water colors.

The silk is stretched onto acid free canvas.
I added finishing touches to the painting with 3D copper fabric paint to add more texture.


Size 30″/30″
The wire will be attached on the back to hang it.
The sides are painted, so a frame is not necessary.