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“Hide And Seek”



  • Original silk painting
  • Materials: silk, silk dye, metallic paint



“Hide And Seek” is my latest painting from the
“Enchanted” series.

This artwork looks at love as a balancing act. It takes time to tinker with ideas like solitude and togetherness, closeness and personal space, playfulness and drama… Yet through adjustment, understanding, and development of the relationship, we can learn to find a delicate balance between these many elements.


I created this series with a sense of wholeness and clarity in my heart, and I feel that the piece carries this impression in its subtle, flowing details.


This silk painting is stretched onto acid free foam board, matted and ready to be framed.

The size is 16″/20″


My wish is that my art will bring more balance to the world, adding to the side of brightness. I find inspiration from mythology, surrounding nature, human emotion. It’s not that I feel as if life is a fantasy, but at the very least I can create to help enrich our world with beauty, purpose, and good energy.