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“Holiday Mood”



  • Hand painted and felted vest / ready to ship
  • Materials: Australian merino wool, Italian merino and silk blend, silk dyes, silk habotai
  • Ships worldwide from United States


This reversibleĀ  bohemian vest is absolutely unique. There are no seams on this top!
The creative process included several steps and many hours of enjoyable work.
First, very light silk was hand painted with silk dye and the colors were set by steaming process. They don’t fade, even after repeated washing.
Then, it was felted with fine merino wool, merino/silk blend and a little bit of rayon to amplify the texture.
The combination of transparent silk chiffon and lightly felted wool makes this blouse look very delicate, but it is durable and easy to care of. You can hand wash it in cold water using mild soap. After that, wrap it into a towel and press down to dry. Could be dry cleaned as well.

Felting is an ancient textile art that includes several steps. With the help of soapy water and
rubbing, rolling, squeezing, and throwing, emerges a unique garment. When light fabric like chiffon is incorporated into this process, it is called nuno felting.

This top will fit size S-L.
The width is approximately 50″.
The length is 42″.