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“Blooming Peony”



  • Hand painted prom dress
  • Time frame: 4-5 weeks
  • Materials: silk crepe de chine, silk dyes


This unique prom dress was hand dyed and hand painted.
The dress will maintain its fresh spring colors and brightness, as the colors are set and permanent. They don’t fade, even after repeated washing. Silk is a durable material that can withstand years of wear, and can even be inherited through generations.
The style of dress is classy and has been a favorite throughout many decades.
It is made out of luxury silk crepe de chine fabric. Crepe de chine, has a slightly crinkled texture with a gentle, graceful drape and very soft to the touch.
For your reference model in the picture is size 4 and 5’6″ tall.
I will be happy to make a similar dress for custom order!
The design could be made similar to the one on the picture, but not exactly the same, because I uniquely hand paint each item.
You can send me your measurements and I can adjust the size of the dress.