“Bee Queen”



  • Hand painted shawl
  • Time frame: two weeks
  • Materials: silk dye, silk chiffon
  • Ships worldwide from United States


A few days ago, I visited a bee family. My son is a firefighter, but also has a new hobby; he recently decided to become a beekeeper!
Last summer, I was inspired by the idea of saving our world’s bee populations for future generations. I wanted to bring more attention to these fuzzy, hard-working creatures, so I began to incorporate this theme into the design of my wearables.

Summer is over, so our bee family is settling down for the winter. We hope that the bees will stay healthy! Meanwhile, I painted my last bee shawl for this year. Its golden colors are a perfect complement to the tender sunshine, honey-colored leaves, and warm memories of the fall season.
The sunflowers are painted with a resist technique, while the bees came alive with the help of tiny brushes that I used to create their transparent wings and fuzzy bodies.
Colors are set by professional steaming process, so the silk dye bonds with the silk at the molecular level. Colors are permanent and sun tolerant. They don’t fade, even after repeated washing.
Silk dye leaves no texture on silk.
Made out of 100% silk chiffon, with hand-rolled hems.
Silk chiffon is an elegant, sheer fiber with a soft, beautiful drape and a crepe-like texture.
You can hand wash this item in cold water using mild soap. Can be dry cleaned too.
Size is approximately 22″/90″