Teaching is as much a learning experience for me as it is for my students. I don’t get a chance to teach group classes often, but I recently taught a two-day silk painting workshop at the Art League School. The first day covered some of the basics, including a brief study of color theory, exploring the gutta resist technique used in batik, and introduction to working with silk fabric and dyes. On the second day, my students created their own original works. All three students had very different past experiences in art, some having worked with fiber art, while others were trying it out for the first time. Each one impressed me with their joy of exploring creativity and color.

Julia is an excellent fiber artist, but had never painted silk. Her final result was beyond expectations. On the second day she painted an adorable poppy scarf!

Robin was open to experiments, and loved bold, abstract patterns. She had worked with silk before and wanted to try different styles of painting.

Jennifer told us that she hadn’t taken any art classes since elementary school, but look how beautiful her cherry blossom scarf turned out! (She is on the right in the first picture)