At this time of the year we all interact with lots of people. Parties at work, gatherings with friends and family. No question, it can be a very joyful but overwhelming time. As an introvert, large social gatherings can make me feel tired. Sometimes I experience social anxiety or awkwardness with people, especially if I need to attend the event alone. Very often I am not even able to start a conversation with someone! In this situation, wearing something unique could be a real ice breaker. People will ask about my piece, and I can share a story about it or simply accept a compliment.

So…If you need a nice companion to go somewhere and none of your friends are available at the time, you can take your pet with you.  Wait, but if you don’t have a pet, I can offer you a pet shawl! 🙂 First, you will never feel a lack of attention, because the unique look of these creations will bring you a lot of it. Second, you will stay cozy and warm, because this tender silk mixed with the finest Australian merino wool and soft Italian merino/silk blend is the nicest fiber I have ever touched!

Here are some pictures of the process.


This owl was painted on thin silk habotai. After the colors were set, I started to cover some areas with soft merino wool to imitate its feathers.

After that, I needed to spray the whole thing with soapy water and cover it with plastic. The fun begins!  First a little touch with a sanding machine, as light as possible, to let the wool fiber fuse with the silk. After that, the piece was rolled, rubbed, and squeezed to continue incorporating the wool into the silk.  At the end of the process, a flat piece of silk looks almost like a 3D sculpture, but is light like a feather and soft like a cloud 🙂

This owl and fox have already found their companionship, but I still have some habotai silk and recently ordered a lot of super fine Australian merino wool to create more shawls.