A few days ago, I visited a bee family. My son is a firefighter, but also has a new hobby; he recently decided to become a beekeeper! His first hive is located at the Brentsville Courthouse Historic Center. Despite its unfortunate history, this piece of land is very quiet and peaceful today, and makes a perfect home for the bees.

My son looking for the queen bee.


Me, modeling my tropical butterfly shawl. A historic building is in the background.

Last summer, I was inspired by the idea of saving our world’s bee populations for future generations. I wanted to bring more attention to these fuzzy, hard-working creatures, so I began to incorporate this theme into the design of my wearables.

Summer is over, so our bee family is settling down for the winter. We hope that the bees will stay healthy! Meanwhile, I painted my last bee shawl for this year. Its golden colors are a perfect complement to the tender sunshine, honey-colored leaves, and warm memories of the fall season.