In the beginning of the summer, sunlight is tender and welcoming. Colors are bright, fresh, joyful, and a morning breeze brings exciting  feelings of new beginnings. If you look around carefully, you might find evidence of Universal summer passionРthe wind in love with grass, the grass in love with rain. Some of the smallest creatures hide inside of this comforting green carpet to protect their busy love lives as well. Magnificent, colorful flowers send their aroma to the world, calling for attention, and fuzzy bees answer their signals. They fly from one flower to another, gathering the nectar, whispering affectionate messages to each petal.

The inspiration to protect the bee population by keeping our yard bee-friendly came many years ago. Watching clover growing and attracting these fuzzy workers to my yard is always so joyful. Thank you to our neighbors who don’t mind our little green jungle! Recently, my son got a hive and started his first bee family. I often get updates about their busy bee life.